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    JOIS ENGINEERING SERVICES LIMITED is a firm, capable, talented, dynamic, aggressive, enterprising and well-tested professionals in different spheres of human endeavour. Within short time of our existence, from a modest beginning, we started on this track by providing first class services to Clients in the private and public sector.

    About Us

    We introduce JOIS ENGINEERING SERVICES LIMITED a purely indigenous engineering outfit with special focus on Construction Machinery, Management, Maintenance and Supply Contracts, a well-known name when it comes to “Services with Quality” JOIS ENGINEERING SERVICES LIMITED came into being in response to the yarning of our reasonable minds for an inward looking robust and self-sustaining economy, capable of withstanding the stresses of the unpredictable international economic environment.


    Camber explained – Suspension geometry. Negative/Positive side…

    Camber is the angle of the tops of the wheels from straight up and down. Leaning in is Negative Camber, leaning out is Positive Camber. As a car turns, the chassis rolls. As the car rolls, this causes the tires to lean over towards the turn, causing less tire to come in contact with the…

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